Disney has resumed annual pass sales with high demand causing website crashes in both California and Florida.

The move has been accompanied by controversy in Florida involving Governor Ron DeSantis, who has criticized Disney as "woke" due to the company's stance against a law known as "Don't Say Gay."

The state has replaced the Reedy Creek Improvement Board with a new board seeking authority over Disney.

Experts believe the controversy has not affected demand for annual passes, particularly among tourists who are unaware of the government issues.

Four different tiers of passes are available, ranging from weekday entry only to no block-out dates.

Robb Alvey with Theme Park Review says this happened in California too.

The governor's office has stated that businesses must operate on a level playing field without special privileges or the ability to run their own government.

Despite the controversy, most tourists coming in from outside the area are not aware of government issues and are here to enjoy the parks.